Nick Chng’d

Nick Chng vb.1. to pass an unaware competitor as he or she eases up in the final moments of a race 2. to get absolutely owned at the finish line

BRC's Bill Corsan getting Nick Chng'd at the finish of the 2008 Fools Run (photo by Duane Burnett)
The Broadway Run Club had its own Bannister-Landy moment on April 6, 2008 on the Sunshine Coast. Approaching the finish line of the Fools Run Half Marathon along the beachfront road in Davis Bay, BRC co-founder Bill Corsan was comfortably on his way to a personal best 1:21:35. Frantically, Brian, Paul and I waved and pointed at the blur roaring up out of nowhere behind Bill. Completely unaware, Bill waved appreciatively back and eased into the finish only to discover to his horror seconds later the source of our attention as Nick Chng, an up-and-coming young runner and future Ironman, sped past him at the line. With a single, well-timed surge, Nick Chng became instantly and indelibly etched into Broadway Run Club lore and we had a new and memorable term to describe being beaten to the line by a last-second sprint: Bill had been Nick Chng’d!

Thanks to Sunshine Coast photographer Duane Burnett for being in the right spot to snap the classic shot of Bill and Nick appropriately enough at the 2008 Fools Run.

It should be noted that Nick would go on to lower his own half marathon PB to 1:15:54 at the 2009 First Half, pretty much ruling out any chance of us being in a position to be Nick Chng’d by Nick Chng again. Well done Nick and thank you for your contribution to BRC history.


  1. This is fantastic, I just stumbled upon it and laughed for days. As his sister I’ve been Nick Chng’d for 30 years – I’m so glad to see it finally immortalized through this perfectly-timed photo-bomb! I just can’t get over it 😀

  2. Thanks Laura! It’s great to hear from you, and yes, years later, we still laugh about that moment.

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