I Dig The Lodge

The Brooks Lodge is a wilderness hangout for shoe geeks.

I totally dig The Lodge, the new Brooks microsite which offers a sneak peak inside the design lab at Brooks and follows the design process of the latest incarnation of the company’s popular Cascadia trail shoe. I love that they present a scrolling timeline of the evolution of the shoe from the first Cascadia right up to the Cascadia 6.

When I was a kid, before I became a runner, I was drawn to the sport by the shoes. My dad took up ‘jogging’ in the early 80s and came home one day with a pair of New Balance 620s and that was it. I was hooked.

As a budding artist, I spent hours looking at the new styles in Runner’s World and set about to design the perfect shoe. I even came up with a wavy midsole that I thought would be the next big thing in shock absorption… but then Avia released a shoe that looked way too similar a month or two later and crushed my dream.

The Lodge is catnip for shoe geeks. Check it out!

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