Greatest Marathon Clinic Ever™: Part One

Results of the Greatest Marathon Clinic Ever™ at the 2010 BMO Vancouver Marathon.

Almost all of my star pupils (as captured by MarathonFoto photographers)

I had the privilege of teaching the Greatest Marathon Clinic Ever™ at the Running Room on Broadway in preparation for the 2010 BMO Vancouver Marathon. They were a tremendous group to work with and they put in some great performances on May 2. Please allow me to brag a little…

BMO Vancouver Marathon 2010

Michael Stockdale 3:06:09
Alan Yu 3:20:28
Brian Payton 3:22:28
Amelia Fraser 3:34:11
Alyson Schmidt 3:37:18
Tom Minnes 3:37:36
Andrea Malo 3:40:26
David Gurr 3:43:49
Evelyn Yee 3:44:30
Andy Wan 3:45:43
Christina Osler 3:46:37
Ryan Cawsey 3:50:10
Frederic Clement 3:58:14
Emily Coolidge 4:00:48
Carolyn Reardon 4:02:34
Greg Burnham 4:07:07
Jennifer Keis 4:07:10
Lucy Wright 4:08:47
Robert Toth 4:09:39
Gonzalo Del Castillo 4:11:25
Tracy Gwozd 4:11:25
Mathew Hill 4:12:43
MongXuan Ha 4:13:58
Lynn Litzenberger 4:14:17
Fariborz Sharif 4:21:21
Marina Sedlic 4:22:22
Shelley Hughes 4:23:59
Amanda Coolidge 4:25:18
Lynn Sully 4:25:58
Ancilla Chui 4:26:24
Lourdes Da Silva 4:29:22
Alisa Smith 4:29:41
Edwin Kwong 4:39:08
Catherine MacLeod 4:43:17
Donna Tam 4:47:24
Paige Morrow 4:49:47
Rebecca Grey 5:03:29
Cuong Loi 6:19:03

BMO Vancouver Half Marathon 2010

Jennifer Conroy 1:52:25
Wade Clinton 1:54:36
Erika Nicota 1:56:31
Melissa Leach 2:07:28
Chelsea Leach 2:12:51

Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon 2010

Ali Gibb 4:38:17

Be a part of the Greatest Marathon Clinic Ever™: Part Two beginning Thursday, June 10 at the Running Room on Broadway!


  1. Oooh busted! Yeah, James, I’m sure you’re right, but until I hear otherwise… Did I ever mention that my clinic was also fair and balanced?

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