Ellie’s World Championship Run

The Tweet-by-Tweet account of Ellie Greenwood rocking the World 100k Championships in Gibraltar!

After hanging in for eight of nineteen laps last night, I awoke to find that Ellie Greenwood had come back to win the 24th IAU World 100k Championships in Gibraltar (and lived up to my pre-race hype).

Following the race online via Twitter served as a stark reminder that even at its highest level ultrarunning is still a niche sport. I spent part of last night following the IAU live blog and Twitter updates from Gibraltar and sifting through the PDFs of lap splits as they were posted on the IAU site. It was nothing like watching today’s ING NYC Marathon streaming live with multiple camera angles and full commentary, but it was something and did provide plenty of drama, albeit in slow-motion. I imagine this is what it felt like to follow the early Boston Marathons by telegraph a century ago.

Here is the thrilling play-by-play of Ellie’s championship run as Tweeted and live-blogged from Gibraltar (in reverse chronological order and with original typos):

Ellie Greenwood wins the 24th IAU World Championship with unofficial time of 7:29, Monica Carlin finishes 2nd in 7:30, Lizzie Hawker finishes 3rd in 7:33

@iaunews Hawker finsihes 3rd in 7:33

@iaunews Carlin finishes 2nd in 7:30

@iaunews Ellie Greenwood (GBR) finishes first in 7:29:42

Greenwood has taken the lead on the last lap with a 20 second lead over Carlin who has a 5 second lead over Hawker.

@iaunews Lizzie has dropped to third with Greenwod leading and Carlin in second

@iaunews The 3 women are running within a couple of minutes of each other.

@iaunews Lizzy Hawker leading the women´s race at lap 17

@iaunews top 3 women after 16 laps Lizzie has a 1.5min lead over Monica who leads Greenwood by 1.10min

@iaunews At lap 14 Lizzie Hawker is leading followed by Monica Carlin is second 2 mins behind and Greenwood is 2mins behind Carlin

At 5:08 race time: Lizzy Hawker has got a 5min lead ovr Greenwood who leads Carlin (ITA) by 1.5min. Hawker is looking very strong and is pacing hersel. Carlin is running very strong too.

@iaunews hawker leading women´s race over Greenwood and Carlin

@iaunews Hawker is leading women´s race followed by Greenwood and Matsushita

@iaunews Hawker has a minute lead on Greenwood and Matsushita running in 3rd place has a minute lead on Carlin in Lap 9

@broadwayrunclub IAU Women’s 100k after 8 laps: Lizzy Hawker leads with Ellie Greenwood about a minute behind…

@iaunews Lizzie Haker is leading followed by Greenwood and Matsushita

@broadwayrunclub IAU Women’s 100k after 7 laps: 1. Lizzy Hawker GBR 2. Ellie Greenwood GBR + 0:37 3. Emi Matsushita JPN + 4:37 4. Monica Carlin ITA +5:26

In the women´s race, in lap 6 Hawker had regained the lead from teammate Greenwood. Emi Matsushita (JPN) was running in 3rd place

@broadwayrunclub IAU Women’s 100k after 5 laps: 1. Lizzy Hawker GBR 2. Ellie Greenwood GBR 3. Emi Matsushita JPN 4. Monica Carlin ITA 5. Meghan Arbogast USA

At 2:10 race time… In the women´s race Ellie Greenwood (GBR) is leading followed by Lizzie Haker (GBR).

@broadwayrunclub IAU Women’s 100k after 4 laps: 1. Ellie Greenwood GBR 2. Lizzy Hawker GBR 3. Emi Matsushita JPN 4. Monica Carlin ITA 5. Meghan Arbogast USA

At 1:38 Race Time: The Sun is just coming up and the temperatures are in the mid teens about 15C. Still a bit chilly to be sitting around nd doing updates! but perfect for running.

At Lap 2: In the women´s race Lizzy Hawker (GBR) is leading with a time of 1:5:40 followed by Ellie Greenwood (GBR) and Monica Carlin (ITA) with times of 1:5:50 and 1:6:59.

…women´s favourite Kami Semick is not running in Gibraltar.

The race has started and the runners are running in bunches. The temperature is in the low teens and surnrise is scehduled in another hour.


In the World Champion’s own words

Ellie’s phone interview with runbritain.com’s Jackie Newton, including a big shout-out to Vancouver’s running scene.

Calgary Herald: Banff world champ on ‘toughest race of her life’

Ellie’s post-race Facebook status:

thank you soo much for all the messages guys! That was THE toughest race of my life! Only didn’t drop for the Team GB result and fact that I thought I never want to do another 100km on tarmac again! Hamstrings shot at 50km, hit the physio table, bawling melt down at 70km, got a 2nd wind and hit the coke for a strong finish. Amazing experience. Full write up to come…

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  1. Congratulations to Ellie from all at runbritain! We have put the news story on our website today but would love to put more on there about her achievements. Is there a contact I can get her on?

  2. Glad to hear you got a hold of Ellie, Jackie. We really enjoyed the interview and included a link to it above. Thanks!

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