Durolane Diaries 2: August 23

Counting the days until my second Durolane injection and apparently my ankle is feeling a little neglected.

Monday, August 23 — Dropped the prescription off today and the pharmacist figures they’ll have it in by tomorrow afternoon.

In my zeal to really hammer my arthritic hip in the week leading up to my Durolane injection, I appear to have overdone it. Following up a 50-mile race with a hilly 10-miler, an 18-miler, speedwork, a 10k, a hard hill workout, and a 20-miler in just over a week can make a rickety hip ache, but apparently it can also trigger tendonitis bad enough across the inner side of an ankle to make it swell up like a puffer fish. The point was to make my hip hurt so that I can see how quickly I feel the effects of the injection on Thursday, but injuring myself in the process wasn’t part of the bargain. Doc offered to send me for an x-ray, but doesn’t think it’s a stress fracture, so I think I will just lay low for the next few days.

The important thing is I’ve had a pretty good reminder the past few weeks of just how uncomfortable this joint can be without the juice. Maybe I’m setting my expectations far too high this time? Maybe it is as effective as I believe it was the first time around. Either way, I’ll know Thursday.

Wednesday, August 25 — Last run before the injection. Led the Running Room group through a fairly tame 10k. Just enough to get the hip to ache and even stiffen up a bit at a red light later on in the run. Just the kind of last-minute reminder I was looking for.

Ran down to pick up the Durolane at London Drugs. Three millilitres of the good stuff for the low, low price of $385.04. Yikes! Is that a typo?!? Four hundred bucks later and I’m good to go. Next stop: VGH Ultrasound!

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