Greatest Marathon Clinic Ever™: Part Three

The Greatest Marathon Clinic Ever™ is officially a trilogy!

The third chapter of the Greatest Marathon Clinic Ever™ trilogy is more exciting and inspirational than all those sexed-up vampire werewolf movies put together.

Paris Marathon 2011

Stephanie Debou 4:50:27

Boston Marathon 2011

Alan Yu 3:03:40
Alyson Schmidt 3:16:22
Christina Osler 3:20:58
Andrea Malo 3:47:17
Brian Payton DNF

BMO Vancouver Marathon 2011

Barry Berg 3:17:03
Andrew Smitten 3:30:21
Mathew Hill 3:34:06
Kevin Venkiteswaran 3:36:02
Sara Simpson 3:35:47
Wade Clinton 3:39:41
Carolyn Reardon 3:40:49
William Crosby 3:41:37
Natalie Taylor 3:43:28
Brittney Kwasney 3:45:10
Julie Simmans 3:48:06
Heather Ingo 3:48:39
Andy Wan 3:49:57
Geraldine Chen 3:57:02
Jordan Hemsley 3:57:31
Susan Paterson 3:57:50
Chantelle Murnaghan 3:58:26
Pargol Lakhan 4:07:25
Julie Roberts 4:09:24
Fariborz Sharif 4:10:21
Dana Widsten 4:12:14
Michael McGuire 4:18:47
Steve Monteith 4:22:03
Anna Kearns 4:22:20
Jim Bayles 4:23:39
Rose Keurdian 4:24:36
Farzad Amedi 4:29:11
Noel Bissonnette 4:30:32
Morteza Khalili 4:31:32
Edwin Kwong 4:34:24
Danielle Dube 4:52:27
Raymond Moy 5:00:05
Holly Lee 5:00:58
Niki Morgan 5:02:05
Donna Tam 5:06:54
Laurie Dawson 5:58:37

BMO Vancouver Half Marathon 2011

Greg Burnham 1:39:10
Candice Loh 1:52:04
Sacha Diprose 1:52:45
Mong Xuan Ha 1:57:34
Cynthia Connell 2:12:48
Alison Russell 2:13:15

Great Wall Marathon 2011

Sarah Latonas 5:09:51
Amelia Fraser 5:18:36

Ottawa Marathon 2011

Jason Figueredo 3:19:38


Greg Burnham, my trusty 3:45 pace group leader — and, I can now announce, my replacement for the fall clinic — had insisted he wouldn’t run another marathon until Paris 2012 and concentrate on getting faster at the half marathon. Greg’s fit enough to run a killer marathon but figures, why finish the job when you can go halfway, over and over and over again until you get it right? I decided that Greg deserves his own section:

First Half Half Marathon 1:45:40
April Fools Run Half Marathon 1:41:35
BMO Vancouver Half Marathon 1:39:10

Click here to run back in time to see the results for the Greatest Marathon Clinic Ever™: Part One, and click here for the results from the Greatest Marathon Clinic Ever™: Part Two.


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