Nanaimo-A-Go-Go 10k

The new Nanaimo-A-Go-Go 10k look takes a different path eastward from Distance Runwear to Nanaimo Street and then the familiar 45th Avenue bike route back to Prince Edward and then up to the store.

Nanaimo-A-Go-Go 10km
Starting at Main St, head EAST on 32nd Ave — LEFT on Prince Edward St — RIGHT on 28th Ave — RIGHT on Mohawk St (last right before Knight Street) — LEFT on 33rd Ave — RIGHT on Dumfries — LEFT on 36th Ave — quick RIGHT on Gladstone St and then LEFT on 37th Ave — RIGHT on Nanaimo Street — RIGHT on 47th Ave — quick LEFT on Argyle St and RIGHT on 47th — quick RIGHT on Lanark St and LEFT on 47th — RIGHT Inverness Street — LEFT on 45th Ave — RIGHT on Prince Edward — LEFT on 32nd back to Main