Broadway Beer Mile 4

Greg "2.0" Lockwood ran into the record books in a giant pink jumpsuit in the fourth installment of the Broadway Beer Mile .

It was ‘The 2.0 Show’ last Friday night at Beer Mile Stadium as ten brave souls toed the line for a cool Beer Mile 4 under a mixed sky of sun and cloud. Racing conditions were ideal as the track had dried nicely after heavy rainfall the previous day.

Greg Lockwood.
Beer Mile 4 Champ and new Broadway Beer Mile recordholder, Greg “2.0” Lockwood.
Newly-crowned Broadway Running Room marathon clinic co-leader, Greg “2.0” Lockwood, clocked a 7:44 and smashed the existing Broadway Beer Mile record by 22 seconds. As those in attendance marveled, it wasn’t just that 2.0 had broken the record with such precision — drinking and running consistent splits and overcoming an early lead by Broadway Beer Mile veteran, Alan Yu — it was that he did so dressed as a giant, pink cartoon animal that looked like an early reject from the Yo Gabba Gabba design department.

2.0’s dominant performance was no surprise to observers of the local beer mile scene. It had been rumoured all season that the Beer Mile was 2.0’s target race this year and that he used his 3:18:51 BMO Vancouver Marathon last weekend as a tune-up race for Friday’s four-lap epic.

Mélissa Caza, 2.0’s marathon clinic counterpart, was the lone female finisher, and nearly picked off runner-up, Ron Lai, at the end with a ferocious finishing kick.

The fourth installment of the Broadway Beer Mile saw three DNFs and its first-ever penalty lap as beer mile rookie, Jan Heuninck, demonstrated the incompatibility of Budweiser and a Belgian stomach.

UPDATE – For the record, 2.0 was dressed as Hoops, the pink half of the Hallmark Cards cartoon duo, Hoops and Yoyo. Hoops is a cat.

Broadway Beer Mile 4 Results

Greg Lockwood 7:44 Budweiser
Ron Lai 9:58
Mélissa Caza 10:01 Molson Canadian
Alan Yu 10:22 Bowen Island Twisted Trail
Adrian Bourassa 10:37 Budweiser
Greg Burnham 12:39 Hell’s Gate Lager
Jan Heuninck * 26:48 Budweiser
Kristine Chew DNF
Billie McKim Murphy DNF
Jackie Michael Murray DNF

* includes penalty lap

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