Inaugural Broadway Beer Mile

Results from the Inaugural Broadway Beer Mile, October 29, 2010.

Hardcore members of my marathon clinic took to the dark, damp lanes of a umm… Vancouver high school track Friday night for the Halloween-themed first running of the Broadway Beer Mile. The track was a little wet from recent rains, but the evening was perfect for a fun night of racing.

Seven beer milers and one whiskey miler took to the track, eager to make history. Citing a litany of aches, I opted to act as official timer and race official for the event which we based on modified Kingston Rules as laid out by

The beer mile was won by Matt Kilburn, a Running Room regular who hasn’t yet talked himself into taking my clinic and was probably no closer to doing so after tonight’s spectacle. Evil Lin took the women’s title and stunned a few guys in the process by overcoming a big first half deficit to finish second overall. Rounding out the top three was Andrea Malo, one of the key perpetrators of the Inaugural Broadway Beer Mile who danced past the boys at the last pit stop dressed as a drunk figure skater.

Brittney Kwasney blazed a trail of her own, running the first Broadway Whiskey Mile, finishing just behind Matt. She made it look easy.

Congratulations to everyone!

Inaugural Broadway Beer Mile Results

with quarter-mile splits
Matt Kilburn 1:43 3:58 6:18 8:46 Red Racer Pale Ale/Lager can
Evil Lin 2:56 6:08 9:50 13:37 Bowen Island Honey Brown can
Andrea Malo 3:00 6:11 11:07 15:30 Granville Island Pale Ale can
Michael Stockdale 1:33 3:42 8:18 17:18 Hell’s Gate Pale Ale can
Alan Yu 1:49 4:21 9:27 17:30 Pabst Blue Ribbon can
Jason Figueredo 2:18 5:10 9:33 18:12 Kokanee can
Carolyn Reardon 2:51 9:28 21:03 34:10 Alexander Keith’s IPA can

Inaugural Broadway Whiskey Mile Results

with quarter-mile splits
Brittney Kwasney 1:49 3:48 6:00 8:53 Fireball Cinnamon Whisky bottle

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