First-Second-Third 13k + 16k

A 13k and 16k run on the Vancouver Marathon course linking Cambie and the West End's big three beaches: English Bay Beach, Second Beach and Third Beach.

First-Second-Third 13k + 16k map

Vancouver’s got a lot of great beaches to stare at while running, most of which you can see while running the BMO Vancouver Marathon. The First-Second-Third route is a modified version of our Second Beach 13k route which links the Cambie Running Room to the West End’s big three beaches: English Bay Beach, Second Beach and Third Beach. Like the original route, First-Second-Third has a 13- and 16-kilometre option but this version follows nearly 4 to just over 5 continuous kilometres of the current marathon route from the Kitsilano side of Burrard Bridge to Second Beach Pool (13k option) or the far end of Third Beach (16k).

Turn-by-Turn Directions:
Starting at Cambie, go WEST on 7th — RIGHT on Laurel and stay left to take pedestrian overpass over 6th to Charleson Park — LEFT at the far end of overpass and follow path to Seawall Path — LEFT on False Creek seawall path and follow path past Granville Island — LEFT just before Fisherman’s Wharf — RIGHT onto Creekside and quick LEFT onto West 1st Ave — veer RIGHT, still on West 1st — cross Burrard and turn RIGHT onto sidewalk toward Burrard Bridge — cross bridge and exit LEFT onto Pacific Ave, which later becomes Beach Ave — at the corner just before English Bay Beach, take short, steep hill down toward the Inukshuk and turn RIGHT on the beach path — follow path to Second Beach and take LEFT path around the pool and pick an option:

13k option — run path clockwise around the pool to the concession

16k option — continue past pool and follow path to far end of Third Beach and turn around — run back to Second Beach Pool concession

from Second Beach, continue on path past the Inukshuk and follow path closest to the water until just before you pass under the Cambie Bridge — at the park just before the bridge veer LEFT to Marinaside Crescent and make your way toward the spiral ramp up to the east deck of the Cambie Bridge — cross the bridge southbound and back to the store.

Incidentally, English Bay Beach is First Beach. I asked my wife, a life-long Vancouverite, if English Bay Beach was ever called First Beach and she replied that the first beach, doesn’t need to be called First Beach. Of course.