Cambie Marathon & Half Marathon Clinic Results Fall 2017

In the third edition of our Cambie Running Room clinic, Greg and I had the privilege of leading both full and half marathon clinic members in a big group hug of high-spirited, Kumbaya-singing, limit-pushing distance running love. Here’s how everyone did in Chicago, Berlin, Long Beach, Kelowna, Victoria, NYC and running through tunnels in Washington State.

Greatest Marathon Clinic Ever™: Fall 2017

Tunnel Vision Marathon Aug 20
Mina Myong 3:37:26
Berlin Marathon Sep 24
Nigel Reading 3:54:08
Judy Nakashima 3:55:34
Chicago Marathon Oct 8
Jennifer Mather 3:36:41
Long Beach Marathon Oct 8
Dana Hangai 4:10:19
Okanagan Marathon Oct 8
David Papineau 3:14:14
Sophie Diamonds 5:20:39
Okanagan Half Marathon Oct 8
Katie Fedosenko 1:42:33
John Carmichael 1:43:13
Harvey Bosma 1:51:22
Sheela McLean 2:21:36
Victoria Marathon Oct 8
Alan Yu 3:15:42
Greg Burnham 3:48:23
Lauren Kratzer 3:53:12
Wade Clinton 3:54:44
Graham Paul 4:05:12
Fariborz Sharif 4:08:31
Hellal Jawhari 5:22:09
Victoria Half Marathon Oct 8
Shelley Oliver 1:56:39
NYC Marathon Nov 5
Christine Pahal

Check out results from the Cambie Spring 2017 and Fall 2016 marathon clinics as well.

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