All-time Top Canadian Women’s Marathon Times

In 2013, Lanni Marchant and Krista DuChene both ran under Silvia Ruegger's long-standing Canadian women's marathon record. This is the list of Canada's sub-2:30 marathon women.

All-time Top Canadian Women’s Marathon Times (sub-2:30) to October 18, 2015
Name Time Race Date
Lanni Marchant 2:27:59 Toronto Oct 13
Lanni Marchant 2:28:09 Toronto Oct 15
Krista DuChene 2:28:31 Toronto Oct 13
Silvia Ruegger 2:28:36 Houston Jan 85
Silvia Ruegger 2:29:09 Los Angeles Aug 84
Jacqueline Gareau 2:29:28 Boston Apr 83
Jacqueline Gareau 2:29:32 Houston Jan 85
Krista DuChene 2:29:38 Rotterdam Apr 15
Lioudmila Kortchaguina 2:29:42 Ottawa May 06


All-time Top Canadian Men’s Marathon Times (sub-2:13) here.

Thanks to ARRS.

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