U-B-C Easy As 1-2-3

U-B-C. Easy as 1-2-3. Do ra mi. That's how easy running to UBC can be...

Running up to UBC is easy as 1-2-3… as one 23k, that is. Yep, what could be easier than a straight shot out on 16th, a swing around the west side of the campus along NW Marine Drive and then a scenic run along the beaches back home again? UBC. Easy as 1-2-3. Do ra mi. That’s how easy running to UBC can be.

In case you doubt it’s that easy, click here for the route on RunThere

Okay maybe it’s not that easy. If you’re a stickler for proper distances, you’ll have to run up to 10th on the way back and then turn around and finish at Broadway. There, it’s that easy.

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