Greatest Marathon Clinic Ever™: Part Two

The Greatest Marathon Clinic Ever™ is back for more!

The second installment of the Greatest Marathon Clinic Ever™ is off to a flying start and getting better every week!

Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon 2010

Summer Tomaszek 3:39:14

Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon 2010

Christina Osler 3:26:08

Goodlife Fitness Victoria Marathon 2010

Alan Yu 3:08:16
Brian Payton 3:17:15
Mathew Hill 3:24:03
Jason Figueredo 3:41:25
Evelyn Yee 3:42:40
Carolyn Reardon 3:45:04
Wade Clinton 3:50:32
Albert Gilmer 3:59:40
Morteza Khalili 4:12:22
Tasha Ptasinski 4:17:15
Rebecca Swift 4:17:15
Louise Boutin 4:21:23
Mong Xuan Ha 4:22:10
Shelley Hughes 4:23:36
Noel Bissonnette 4:32:57
Donna Tam 4:50:52
Alison Russell 4:55:38

Goodlife Fitness Victoria Half Marathon 2010

Alyson Schmidt 1:31:45

BMO Okanagan Marathon 2010

Brittney Kwasney 3:26:07
Andrea Malo 3:40:19
Sibylle Cunningham 4:43:09

Tim Horton’s Valley Harvest Marathon 2010

Ancilla Chui 4:27:09

Portland Marathon 2010

Michael Stockdale 2:54:41

Nike Women’s Marathon 2010

Kristine Chew 4:26:46

Goodlife Fitness Toronto Marathon 2010

Andy Wan 3:32:55
Caitlin Brenchley 4:23:11

Athens Marathon 2010

Laurie Dawson 4:54:07
Jordan Hemsley 5:36:40

Road2Hope Hamilton Half Marathon 2010

Alyson Schmidt 1:33:26

ING New York City Marathon 2010

Andrea Neame 4:27:33
Michelle McLarty 6:17:32

HangZhou International Half Marathon 2010

Amelia Fraser 1:40:17

Amica Seattle Half Marathon 2010

Christina Osler 1:35:52

Honolulu Marathon 2010

Brie Wittman 4:52:07
Tasha Ptasinski 4:52:08

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  1. Yes, someone is really doing the Valley Harvest Marathon! That someone is Ancilla. The Greatest Marathon Clinic Ever™ is goin’ coast to coast!

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